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Automate quality assurance with codeless software testing. Spend less time finding, creating, and maintaining your automated tests with the power of AI.

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Auto Test Generation

Qanairy's auto test generation uses AI to find and build your UI tests for you. Run a "Discovery" with every new release to identify any new tests.

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Test Auto Repair

Stop fussing with broken automated scripts. Your tests are automatically updated whenever your UI changes. Get back the time to focus on what matters most; your product.

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Test Recorder

Our codeless test recorder plug-in lets you use your app as your users would, and Qanairy tracks these interactions to create complex functional QA tests.

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A screenshot of the Qanairy app Tests page.

How It Works


Adding your domain and clicking "Start Discovery" is all it takes for Qanairy's time-saving AI to start creating your UI tests by testing your site itself!


Assign each test a status and Qanairy's AI learns to compare your future tests to that result; just like your very own canary in a coal mine.


Run tests with Qanairy to make sure your website stays bug-free. Tests can be run individually, or create groups to execute tests together.

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